Our Services provide specialized
and individualized end-of-life care.

We realize that there are very specific needs
that need to be met at the end of life.

Our team will provide each resident with an individualized plan of care driven by each resident, as well as access to counseling services to help individuals work through end-of-life concerns, fears, questions, and unfinished business.

We’re not just a hospice agency. We’re a a full end-of-life
care facility designed to meet each individual’s physical
and spiritual needs through grace.

24 Hour Nursing Care

Twenty Four Hour Nursing Care with a Licensed Nurse on staff 24 hours a day. The Grace Space strives to provide excellent staff, who’s passion is serving other with the hands and feet of Jesus. The Grace Space will provide two staff members for __-patients per shift. Our staff are cross trained in dietary, housekeeping, laundry services, holistic therapy, massage therapy, comfort touch, medication administration and nursing care to provide the most comprehensive care for our patients possible.


Our food is catered by Stauffer’s restaurant, allowing you to choose your meals in advance. Our staff are also certified to provide you with an option of your choice at any time of the day. The Grace Space offers snacks throughout the day as well to include icecream, freshly popped popcorn, a hydration station (coffee, tea, soda, etc) and plenty of fresh baked goods for you to choose from. You can have your meals in your room if you choose, or you may choose to come to our family style dining room to visit with others or share a meal with your family.


The Grace Space staff will provide individual laundry services, in which your laundry is done separately from the other individuals living in the failcity, or family may opt to take your laundry home.

Maintenance Services

Our staff will provide maintenance services to your suite and space as needed and in a timely manner.

Individual Call System

The Grace Space is equipped with an individual call system, in which each patient has a pendant that is worn on their person, this allows them to call for assistance from wherever they are in the building. This allows our staff to respond in an efficient manner to your loved ones needs.

Caregiver Support and Education

In partnership with our hospice partners, we will provide caregivers with support and education as well as bereavement services as individuals need. 

Gracious care is more than meeting physical. We believe
and lean into holistic spiritual care to the same degree.

The Grace Space Hospice House

The Grace Space recognizes that spiritual care at the end of life is a vital part of an individual’s journey. We encourage you to invite your spiritual care partners into The Grace Space to encourage and support you in your spiritual care needs. No matter your belief, The Grace Space team will provide you with spiritual care resources to meet your spiritual needs. Daily chapel services will be provided as well as pastoral care.

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