End of life is a raw and vulnerable
journey and it should be done with
grace, comfort and the love of Jesus.

End-of-life transitional care in a homelike
environment, granting final wishes and
ensuring that no one ends their journey alone.


Nestled in a Northwest Lincoln neighborhood, The Grace Space is home for twelve full-time assisted living residents. We offer medical, spiritual, emotional, and physical care in a respectful, self-sustaining community with the support of the hospice agency of your choice.

Our community allows for families to be as involved in each person’s care as they wish and to be onsite 24/7 providing love and comfort throughout the journey.

The Grace Space brings together 30+ years of experience
in end-of-life care, innovation, and alternative visions for
the potential of the people we serve.

Nursing Care
Call Systems
Caregiver Support
& Education

We encourage our residents to embrace their end-of-life
journey, making final wishes come true and helping each
day to be full, meaningful, pain and anxiety free and
living each day as if it were the last.

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